Nature-Based Business Model and Emerging Innovations to enhance Carbon Farming Initiatives (CFIs) while preserving Biodiversity, Water Security and Soil Health

INNO4CFIs leverages cutting-edge technologies and nature-based solutions to drive sustainable environmental practices. Our commitment to innovation is at the heart of our project, ensuring effective and scalable impacts on carbon farming, reforestation and agroforestry systems.

Empower a Greener Future

INNO4CFIs revolutionises the carbon farming sector by developing and implementing a scalable and replicable business model.

Sustain the environment

INNO4CFIs is at the forefront of creating a sustainable and efficient carbon farming model that significantly reduces the impact of climate change.

Engage & Educate the Community

INNO4CFIs raises awareness and competence in carbon farming practices through training and capacity-building activities, and engaging local communities.

Nature-Based Innovations for Carbon Farming

INNO4CFIs collaborates with a wide range of stakeholders, including government bodies, NGOs, research institutions, and the private sector. Discover how our partnerships foster innovation and drive progress in carbon farming.

Soil availability

Distribution system to introduce the desalinized water, thus increasing the availability of soil.

Water restoration

A.I. system to optimize the use of water, fertilizer & minerals, and to produce related real data analysis and forecasts.

Carbon Credits

Biodiversity Carbon Credit to secure the exchange and management of carbon credits between individuals.

CO2 sequestration

Satellite observation to measure the Carbon Footprint and the savings of CO2 emissions.

We Believe In

Nurturing a sustainable environment

We envision a future where innovative carbon farming techniques and green technologies are universally adopted, leading to a profound transformation in how we manage and interact with our environment. Our goal is to establish a new European business standard in carbon farming.

Bridging Innovation and Sustainability

Carbon farming represents a pivotal solution in combating climate change. It involves implementing agricultural practices that improve CO2 capture, enhance biodiversity, and secure livelihoods. INNO4CFIs aims to amplify these efforts, making carbon farming more efficient, scalable, and impactful.

Empowerment Through Innovation

Establish a high-impact, scalable business model in the Green and Carbon Farming sector that leverages innovative technologies to enhance carbon sequestration and promote environmental co-benefits.

Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

Promote environmental sustainability and economic growth by supporting SMEs and startups through cascade funding, enriching the competitive advantage of targeted territories.

Community & Ecosystem Resilience

Enhance the resilience of ecosystems and communities by implementing sustainable land management practices and innovative technologies.

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Foster a collaborative network of partners, stakeholders, and beneficiaries to share knowledge, best practices, and innovations in carbon farming and green technologies.

Empowering Carbon Farming Initiatives through Technology and Collaboration

Project Partners

The INNO4CFIs partners have been previously recognised and awarded for their contributions in research and innovation projects that bridge the private and public sectors in green innovation and carbon farming.

14 partners

8 European countries

13 different regions

Italy, Greece, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Austria, Germany

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